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About MES Group

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MES GROUP, LLC. is a full-service electrical products and consulting company. With humble beginnings in 1998, MES opened its doors as an electrical contracting company for renewable energy, residential and commercial industries. Years of field experience, working with leading manufacturers in the industry, as well as trials and tribulations, have paved the way to where we are today. With combined experience exceeding 50 years in the electrical and power generation industries, we also boast extensive experience and knowledge in new energy development. MES has expertise in all aspects of electrical installation codes and processes for the power generation, renewable energy, electrical vehicle charging, and pool/spa industries. We have an active network of over 3500+ known and respected dealers throughout the country. And that is growing every day.


MES has notable accomplishments in many aspects of residential installation practices. We have developed an extensive resume starting with the development of industry leading products, dealer development, Nationwide speaking engagements to inspectors, not to mention, 1000’s of hours in actual installation experience throughout the country.


Because of our ability to generate unique and creative solutions to complex industries, MES Group is called upon and works closely with manufacturers to develop new products. Some of the new products have been used for “one-time” custom work while others have become part of manufacturers’ standard product offerings.


The team at MES has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality standards in both design of products as well as consulting advice. Informed by current technologies, industry changes, and client priorities, we strive for perfection in service and product. Excellence and innovation describe the reputation, which we expect will become synonymous with the name MES Group.

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