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Zendure Satellite Battery B4600

Zendure Satellite Battery B4600


Color = Gray

Capacity = 4608 Wh (LiFePO4) 

Dimensions = 69 x 28.5 x 27.4 cm.

Weight = 93 lbs. (42kg.)

XT90 Input = 12-150V=10A, 600W Max 

USB-A = Firmware Update

Car Outlet Output = 12.6V=10A 

Andersen Outlet Output = 12.6V=30A, 378W Max 

XT90 Outlet Output = 12-60V=10A, 600W Max (App enabled)

LED Light = RGB; Lighting 

More = Smart App compatible 

In The Box = Handle Cover, MC4 to XT90 Cable 

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