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6/3 WGWC TC-ER-JP 600V

6/3 WGWC TC-ER-JP 600V



# of Conductors:  #6/3-AWG #8/1 W/#18-2 Twisted Shielded

Conductor Gauge Size:  #6 (#8 Ground) (#18 Communication)

Conductor Type: Stranded Bare Copper

Conductor Material: Bare Copper

Strand Count: 19 (Fully annealed bare copper Class B compressed strand per ASTM B-3 and ASTM B-8)

Insulation Material: THW-PVC (Flame retardant PVC/NYLON that is heat and moisture resistant per UL 62. Insulation meets requirements of Type THW/THW-2 as specified by UL 83.)

Insulation Thickness: 0.035

Color Code: ICEA Method 4 - Table E-2 or Black and Numbered

Shield (Y N): No

Jacket Material: Gray PVC

Outdoor (Y N): Yes

Temperature: 75°C

O.D. (Inches Nom.): 0.726

Voltage: 600 Volts

Approvals:  (UL 1277) Type TCERJP

Weight /LBS per 1000FT:  435

Item Type: Tray Cable with Ground

Assembly: Conductors are cabled together with or without fillers as required to form a round, compact cable core with a binder tape.


* Ampacities are based on Table 310.16 of the NEC 2020 Edition


** All data and dimensions are nominal and subject to industry standards and may vary according to plant of manufacture.


*** Data is provided for informational purposes and does not create a binding obligation nor liability to the seller. Data can change without notice. ® 2024 All Rights Reserved MES Group LLC.

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